Waikato River Delta Day Trips

The Islands of the Waikato River Delta provide opportunity for a variety of day trips. A Freedom Trip from The Elbow to Hoods Landing or a half or full day guided trip from Hoods Landing taking advantage of a local guides knowledge of the river to use sheltered trails though the Delta Islands with lunch (on guided full day trips) at a duckshooters whare (hut).

Checkout www.kayaktrails.co.nz for a google map and description of the trails in the area

Longer trips of up to five/six days  ('Dam to the Sea'), on the Waikato River from Lake Karapiro to the Tasman Sea at the mouth of the river and two day trips (Waimanu Kayak Trail) on the Manukau Harbour can be found on the www.KayakTrails.co.nz website. Combo trips on the river and harbour are also available from two to seven days (185 km).

See further information on prices on this site