Waikato River Delta, Highlights and Full Day Guided Trips

Duration Highlights - 3.5hrs (shop to shop).        Full Day - 6hrs (shop to shop)
Paddling Approx 2 hours plus breaks.                   Approx 3.5 hrs plus breaks
Kayaking area Hoods Landing, Waikato River Delta        Waikato River Delta
Check in

8.30 am at our Waiuku Base                   8.30am at our Waiuku Base

!2.30 pm at our Waiuku Base

Minimum Age A – Trips 14yrs * (to have a single seakayak)
AF (Family) – Trips 6yrs * (to have their own kayak)
*Younger children must be accompanied in a double kayak by an adult.
Prior Experience Not necessary
Food  Guided trips - snacks and drink bottle provided (includes lunch on full day guided trips).
Minimum Numbers 2 Adults

We meet at our base in Waiuku then travel a short distance to the Waikato River Delta and head into the islands of the Waikato River Delta. These islands hide the dozens of duckshooters' maimais and whitebait stands that are inhabited by many keen locals during the open seasons.

There are a number of opportunities for photo stops throughout the trip - bring your camera (we can supply waterproof bags).

Our trip finishes at Hoods Landing near the old Awaroa Stream that was the portage route to the southern Manukau Harbour and later the town of Waiuku            

                                                           2013 Price List

Guided Kayak

(includes free return transport from Waiuku Base)

Length of Journey Price Trip

Delta Highlights (Guided)


Delta Day (Freedom)


Delta Day (Guided)


POA (AF) child and family groups



$145/adult, POA children

Half Day from Hoods Landing


Elbow to Hoods Landing (Unguided)


Full day from Hoods Landing or the Elbow

Prices include

  • Experienced guide on Guided Trips / Freedom Trips are self guided
  • Seakayaks (ruddered, including paddle and buoyancy vest).
  • Kayakers Equipment Checklist
  • Dry bags (2pp) for clothing, gear etc.
  • Snacks and drinks on guided trips (lunch only for full day guided trips).
  • Free kayaker transport (from our Waiuku Base).
  • Goods and Services Tax.

Extras available include

  • Vehicle relocation.

You provide

  • Personal gear and clothing.
  • Food and drink bottles on Freedom Trips